Apple is finally ready to launch its attempt to compete

Apple is finally ready to launch its attempt to compete with the internet-connected speakers made by Amazon and Google with the release of its long-awaited HomePod.

Apple had intended to release the HomePod last month during the holiday shopping season, but delayed its debut to refine the product.

Both Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home speakers have been expanding their reach into people’s homes since Apple announced the HomePod last June. Amazon and Google also are selling their speakers for substantially less, with streamlined versions of their devices available for below $50.

Like its rivals, the HomePod includes a voice-activated assistant to help people manage their homes and the rest of their lives.
Japan Today

S Apple  
V [is finally ready] 
OV [to launch] 立ち上げること
O its attempt  試み
[to compete] 競争
補 [with] the internet-connected speakers  インタネットスピーカー 
どんな→ [made by] Amazon and Google  アマゾンとグーグルによって作られた

補 [with] the release   公開
どんな→[of] its long-awaited HomePod. 長く待たされた

S Apple
V [had intended]  意図した
OV [to release]  公開すること
O the HomePod  ホームポッド

補 last month 先月
補 [during] the holiday shopping season,  クリスマス休暇の買い物シーズンの間

but  しかし

V [delayed]  遅延
O its debut 初登場

補V [to refine] 洗練するため
O the product. 製品

S Both Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home speakers  アマゾンとグーグルのホームスピーカー
V [have been expanding]  広がっている
their reach それらの範囲
補 [into] people’s homes 人々の家庭に

補 [since]
S Apple  
V [announced]  
O the HomePod  
補 last June. 前の6月

S Amazon and Google also アマゾンとグーグルは
V [are selling]  販売
O  their speakers  彼らのスピーカー
[for] substantially less,  実質 少ない
[with] [streamlined] versions
どんな→[of] their devices available  彼らのデバイス利用の
[for] below $50. $50以下

補 [Like] its rivals,   このライバルの様

S the HomePod  ホームポッド
V [includes]  含む
a voice-activated assistant 音声動作補助
V  [to help] 助ける為
O people  人々
V [manage] 管理する
O their homes and the rest  人々の家庭や休息
どんな→[of] their lives.  彼らの生活の