Japan will showcase its cybersecurity technology

Japan will showcase its cybersecurity technology at its first pavilion in an international exhibition with government aid, pavilion promoters said Saturday, as the country bolsters efforts to ward off cyberattacks ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

The display on information security products and services by 10 Japanese firms during the event to be held next month in Singapore aims to demonstrate Japan’s own technology on cybersecurity amid increasing global threats of attacks against digital and online security.

Japan Today

S Japan
V [will showcase ] 展示します 
O (its cybersecurity) technology

補 [at]( its first) pavilion
どんな→[in] (an international) exhibition  国際展示会で

補 [with] government aid,  政府援助

S pavilion promoters  展示館 主催者
V [said] (Saturday),  言った

S the country
V bolsters 支え
O efforts  

V [to ward off] 防ぐ
O cyberattacks

[ahead of] (the 2020 Tokyo) Olympics [and] Paralympics.

S The display 展示品
[on] information security products [and] services 情報セキュリティー製品サービス
補 [by] 10 Japanese firms  10の日本企業 によって
補 [during] the event イベントの間
 [to be held]  保有する
補 next month  来月
補 [in] Singapore

V aims 照準
O [to demonstrate] 
O Japan’s own technology  日本自身の技術
どんな→[on] cybersecurity サイバーセキュリティ

[amid] increasing global threats  の中で 
どんな→[of] attacks
[against] digital [and] online security. オンラインセキュリティ