The smash-hit mobile game Pokemon Go will launch in Japan

The smash-hit mobile game Pokemon Go will launch in Japan on Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday on its digital edition, citing people familiar with the matter.

McDonald’s Holdings Co (Japan) will participate in the introduction of the game in Japan and will make its restaurants key locations for players, it said.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game in which players capture the virtual pocket monsters known as Pokemon, who appear onscreen when users hold up their smartphones in real locations.

The game was jointly developed by Nintendo Co, Pokemon Co and Niantic Inc. It has already been launched in the United States and many other markets.

Japan Today

S (The smash-hit mobile game) Pokemon Go  スマッシュヒット 携帯ゲーム ポケモンGo
V [will launch]  発売します
補 [in] Japan [on] Wednesday ,  日本で 水曜

S the Wall Street Journal  ウォールストリートジャーナル
V [reported]  報じた
補 Tuesday [on] its digital edition,  火曜 デジタル版

V citing  引用し
 people familiar [with] the matter. 関係者

S McDonald’s( Holdings Co Japan)  日本マクドナルド
V [will participate]  参加します
補 [in] the introduction →どんな  [of] the game
 →どこで  [in] Japan   導入 ゲームの 日本で


V [will make]  します
O (its restaurants key) locations  → どんな [for] players,  マックの主要場所 プレイヤーの為

S it  マック
V [said]. 言った

S Pokemon Go  ポケモンGo
V [is] です
O an ([augmented] reality) game  拡張された リアル ゲーム

→どんな[in which]
S players  プレイヤー
V [capture]  捕まえる
O (the virtual pocket) monsters  バーチャルポケモン
→どんな [known as] 知っている
O Pokemon, ポケモン

V [appear]  現れる
 →どこ onscreen  テレビに

S users  使用者
V [hold up]  持続する
O their smartphones
→ どこ [in] real locations. 彼らの携帯 リアルの場所

S The game  ゲーム
V [was jointly developed] 一緒に 発達した
補 [by] Nintendo Co, Pokemon Co [and] Niantic Inc.  任天堂とポケモン

S It
V [has already been launched]  すでに販売した
補 [in] the United States [and] (many other) markets. アメリカとほか多くのマーケットで