Yahoo this week unveiled its latest mobile news application

Yahoo this week unveiled its latest mobile news application, using both algorithms and user choices to deliver the most relevant updates with a social twist.

Yahoo Newsroom, tailored for mobile devices powered by Android or Apple operating systems, is Yahoo’s latest move to counter Facebook and other internet giants as a key place for news updates.

Japan Today

S Yahoo (this week)
V [unveiled]  発表した
O (its latest mobile news) application,

V using
O both algorithms [and] user choices

V [to deliver]
O (the most relevant) updates  関連した
[with] a social twist.

S Yahoo Newsroom,
→どんな tailored [for] mobile devices
→どんな powered  [by] Android [or] Apple operating systems,

V is
O (Yahoo’s) latest move

[to] counter Facebook [and] other internet giants

[as] a key place [for] news updates.



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