Virtual reality sought its stride at the Consumer Electronics Show

Virtual reality sought its stride Friday at the Consumer Electronics Show, where despite being a hot topic there was little sign it is racing into mainstream culture.

Show floor space devoted to virtual reality abounded with companies diving into the market with headsets, content, or tools for better creating or delivering immersive experiences.

Japan Today

S Virtual reality
V [sought ] 求める
O its stride

補 [at] the Consumer Electronics Show,  


補 [despite] being a hot topic  にもかかわらず ホットな話題

S there  
V [was ]  
O little sign

S it バーチャルリアリティ
V [is racing ] 競争する
補 [into] mainstream culture. 

S Show floor space 
補 [to] virtual reality  

V [abounded]  沢山いる
補  [with] companies
[into] the market  

補 [with] headsets, content, [or] tools
V better creating  [or]  (better) delivering
O immersive experiences.  



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