U.S. President Donald Trump will play a round of golf

U.S. President Donald Trump will play a round of golf with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Florida this week and said he will make sure the Japanese leader is his partner in the game, rather than a competitor.

Trump, who is due to welcome Abe at the White House on Friday, told Westwood One Sports Radio on Sunday that golf was a better way to get to know someone than having lunch.

A transcript of the interview was made available by the White House.

Japan Today


S (U.S. President Donald) Trump  
V [will play]  
O a round どんな→[of] golf  

補 [with] (Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo) Abe  
補 [in] Florida (this week ) 


V [said]  
O (that)

S he  
V [will make]  作ります
O sure
the Japanese leader  
V [is]
O his partner どんな→ [in] the game,
補 rather than a competitor. 

(, who  
V [is due]  
O [to welcome]
V [to welcome] 迎える
O Abe  安倍
補 [at] the White House [on] Friday, ) 

V [told]  
O (Westwood One Sports) Radio ラジオ 補 [on] Sunday  
S golf  
V [was]
O a better way 良い方法
V [to get] 
O [to know]
V [to know] 知る
O someone いくつか
補 [than] [having] lunch.  より
V [having]
O lunch.

S A transcript 記録 どんな→ [of] the interview  インタビューの
V [was made]  作られた
available 利用可能な
補 [by] the White House. 



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