The head of NHK said Friday the Japanese public broadcaster aims to lower its subscription fees, possibly from fiscal 2019, after a government panel made it a condition for the company to start simultaneous online streaming of its television programs.
Japan Today

S The head of NHK
V [said] Friday

S the Japanese public broadcaster
V [aims] 目指す
O V [to lower] 下げること
O its subscription fees, 受信料

補 possibly [from] fiscal 2019, 出来る限り2019年度から

補 [after]あと
S a government panel 政府
V [made] 作った
O it
C a condition 条件

S [for] the company 会社
V [to start] 始める
O simultaneous online streaming オンラインストリーミング
どんな→[of] its television programs. テレビ番組の