Around the world, support is growing for electric cars

Around the world, support is growing for electric cars. Automakers are delivering more electric models with longer range and lower prices, such as the Chevrolet Bolt and the Tesla Model 3. China has set aggressive targets for electric vehicle sales to curb pollution; some European countries aim to be all-electric by 2040 or sooner.
Japan Today

Around the world, 世界中 
S support  
V [is growing]  発展
補 [for] electric cars.  電気自動車のため

S Automakers  車メーカー
V [are delivering]  
O more electric models  電気自動車 
補 [with] longer range [and] lower prices,  より長い範囲 低価格
補 [such as]  次のような
補 the Chevrolet Bolt [and] the Tesla Model 3.  

S China  中国
V [has set]  設定する
O (aggressive) targets  積極的ターゲット
[for] (electric vehicle) sales  電気自動車販売の
補 [to curb] pollution; 汚染を抑制するため

S (some European) countries  いくつかのヨーロッパの国々
V [aim] 目指す
O [to be] all-electric  すべて電気にすること 
補 [by] 2040 [or] sooner. 2040年まで もしくは より早く



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