Central Japan Railway Co. showed a new shinkansen bullet train model to the media during a test run on Tuesday.
The railway operator known as JR Central started daytime test runs of the new N700S train series on Monday, having conducted test runs at nighttime from March.
Japan Today

S Central Japan Railway Co (JR Central)
V [showed] 披露した
O a new shinkansen (bullet train) model 新しい新幹線

[to] the media メディアへ
[during] a test run テストランの間
[on] Tuesday.

S JR Central
V [started] スタートしました
O daytime test runs [of] the new N700S train series [on] Monday
昼間のテストランを 新しい新幹線のシリーズの

V [having conducted] 実施していました
O test runs テストランを
[at] nighttime 夜間
[from] March. この3月から