U.S. online giant Amazon plans to hire 120,000 seasonal workers to help handle an expected crush of holiday shopping.

The Seattle-based internet retail colossus takes such measures every year, but its recruitment goal for this Christmas season represent a 20% jump from 2015.

Japan Today

S U.S. online giant Amazon
V [plans]
O [to hire] (120,000 seasonal) workers

workers →どんな
[to help] handle an [expected] crush どんな→[of] holiday shopping. 

S workers 労働者
V [to help]  助ける
O [handle] [expected] crush    

S (The Seattle-based internet) retail (colossus)  
シアトル ベース インタネット 小売 巨大
V [takes]  取る
O such measures (every year),  このような対策 毎年

[but]  しかし

S (its recruitment) goal どんな→ [for] this Christmas season  
アマゾン 募集 目標 クリスマスシーズンの為 
V [represent]  表す
O a 20% jump どんな→[from] 2015.  
20%アップ 2015年から