Nestle Japan on Thursday opened a new Chocolatory in Tokyo’s Ginza area, unveiling their mind-blowing sushi KitKat as well as brand-new Valentine’s KitKat items.

Nestle Japan never ceases to amaze with their innovative ideas in producing chocolate sweets in a variety of forms.

Their KitKat Chocolatory, whose idea was developed by Chef Yasumasa Takagi from Le Patissier Takagi, has attracted over 1.5 million people in Japan since the opening of its first shop in 2014.

Japan Today


S: Nestle Japan
V: [opened]
O: a new Chocolatory チョコの店
[in] Tokyo’s Ginza area,

V: [unveiling]
O: their mind-blowing sushi KitKat 驚きの

[as] well 同様に
[as] brand-new Valentine’s KitKat items.

S: Nestle Japan
V: [never ceases] 決して止めない
O: [to amaze] 驚かせる

[with] their innovative ideas 革新的な
V: [producing]
O: chocolate sweets 製造
[in] a variety of forms. 様々な形

Their KitKat Chocolatory,  かれらのキットカットチョコラトリー

S whose idea  そのアイディア
V [was developed]  開発された
補 [by] Chef Yasumasa Takagi  
[from] Le Patissier Takagi,  

V [has attracted]  
O over 1.5 million people
[in] Japan  日本で

[since] the opening [of] its first shop
[in] 2014. 2014年