Japan will bring forward a target to boost the use of generic drugs by six months to September 2020, two government sources with direct knowledge of the matter said on Tuesday.

The rapidly ageing nation is aiming to lift the use of generics to more than 80% from around 56% currently – a move that would save the government hundreds of billions of yen a year, the sources said.

Japan Today

S Japan
V [will bring forward]
O a target

V [to boost] 押し上げ
O the use  どんな→[of] generic drugs  ジェネリック薬品

[by] six months 6ヵ月
どんな→[to] September 2020,  2020年9月

S two government sources  2つ 政府 情報源
どんな→[with] direct knowledge  直接 知識
どんな→[of] the matter  事柄
V [said]  言った
[on] Tuesday. 火曜

S The rapidly ageing nation  すばやく
V [is aiming]  狙いつける
OV [to lift] 持ち上げること
O the use 使う どんな→[of] generics  ジェネリック

[to] [more than] 80%  80%より多くへ
どんな→[from] around 56% currently –  現在 56%あたりから

S a move  動き
[that] どんな→
V [would save] 抑えたい
O the government  政府
O hundreds [of] billions [of] yen a year,  数千億円 年間

S the sources  情報源
V [said]. 言った