Big automakers are rushing to launch self-driving cars as early as 2021, but the industry’s major players are moving slowly when it comes to widespread deployment of a less expensive crash prevention technology that regulators say could prevent thousands of deaths and injuries every year.
Japan Today

S Big automakers 大きい 自動車メーカー
V [are rushing]  突入しています
補足 [to launch] self-driving cars  始めること 自動運転自動車

V [to launch]  始めること
O self-driving cars  自動運転自動車

補 [as]  
early [as] 2021,  早い 2021年と同じ

but  しかし

S the industry’s major players   業界の主な 会社
V [are moving slowly]  ゆっくり 動いています

[when]  の時
S it  仮主語
V [comes]  来る

V [to widespread]  普及されること
O deployment  展開
どんな→[of] a less expensive crash prevention technology  もっと少費用の衝突防止技術

どんな [that]
S regulators  取締官
V [say] 言う
S (technology)
V [could prevent]   予防できる
O thousands  数千
どんな→[of] deaths [and] injuries  死亡と怪我
every year. 毎年